VISPS Verification for Livestock

VISPS will soon begin verifying livestock operations. Livestock producers will be able to verify their livestock as non-GMO, "Never Ever", and Transitional-to-Organic. Check back soon for more information.

The VISPS Verified Livestock Program is designed as an “add-on” program to the VISPS Verified Crops Standards. All pastures, hays, and feedstuffs must first be verified to the VISPS standards before the livestock can consume the feeds.

The MOA/ VISPS Verified “Never Ever” Livestock Program was developed to provide the verification and marketing advantage for livestock farmers with a term that chefs recognize and desire for their clients. All products verified to the VISPS Verified Program are entitled to use an additional marketing logo, the “Smart Plants™ Quality Checked” label on their products.

Download VISPS Livestock Standards