VISPS I.P. Hemp Lot Report - 21-JD-AA1-062020-16

Verification Status: Verified

Grower Information

Grower Name: John Doe
Grower Location: Garden City, Missouri
VISPS ID: 0000000021

Parcel Information

Parcel Name: A
Parcel Alias: Smith
Permit Number: 28_R00001
Production Year: 2020

Lot Information

Lot ID: A1
Production Type: CBD (Outdoor)
Lot Size: 15 acres

Production Information

Date(s) Planted: 06/15/2020 - 06/16/2020
Date(s) Harvested: 08/20/2020

Test Results

Test Result #1

CBD Content: 14.08%
THC Content: 0.20%
Date Tested: 08/05/2020
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Lot Location

Activity Logs

Worked Ground06/14/2020
Applied Product (BigSweetYield)06/25/2020
Weeded / Cultivated07/07/2020

About the Farmer

John Doe is a demo account in the VISPS verification system.